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Terms & Conditions

CoolCat Casino is governed by the following Conditions and Terms. The Casino advises all individuals to become familiar with these terms, and ensure these are fully adhered to at all times. The Conditions and Terms for bonuses should also be referred to upon signing up.

  1. Legal Requirements

CoolCat Casino is only able to offer services to Players and individuals who meet the age requirements of the Legal Majority, and of whom are residing in the relevant jurisdictions where actively partaking in the games at CoolCat Casino is legally permitted. Anything prohibited by law is voided on all games at CoolCat Casino. It is strictly forbidden for anyone underage to participate. At no point are Players required to wager real money at the Casino. All Casino games offered at CoolCat can be played entirely free of charge.

  1. Software Uses

All Players at CoolCat Casino are automatically granted a personal sub-license which is neither exclusive nor transferable. This permits using the Casino software to play games.

Advanced encryption technology and systems are used by CoolCat Casino to keep all password and username information safe. This includes other sensitive details within the Player/client application that may be transferred between the CoolCat Casino servers. The technology also protects both the Casino and its Players against any attempted manipulation from third parties.

  1. Agreement Changes

At any time, CoolCat Casino retains the rights to alter or make changes to this agreement. It is the responsibility of the Player to consult the website platform and refer to the help files a minimum of once per month. Under this agreement, and the abiding rules of the Casino games at CoolCat Casino, the Player hereby agrees and accepts any possible amendments in the Conditions and Terms.

4.Player Responsibilities

4.1) All Players must be the minimum age of 18 or meet the legal age requirements that are subject to their jurisdiction of residence. Online gambling operations at CoolCat Casino are only applicable to Players who are legally permitted to use the application of software under the laws of his/her jurisdiction. Certain jurisdictions do not currently have regulations in place for software designed for gambling purposes, while online gambling may be completely banned altogether in some jurisdictions.

4.2) CoolCat Casino is unable to determine the regulatory laws associated with each jurisdiction, or any global gambling laws that are unrelated to the Casino. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the Player to identify the legalities that are applicable to their individual jurisdiction. For any repercussions that could arise from not establishing the online gaming laws for his/her jurisdiction, the Player will be held accountable. The Player is fully aware that they may play games at CoolCat Casino for free or for money. The individual should also understand that all games are offered for entertainment purposes only, and any decisions or bets made are at the sole discretion of the Player. It is strictly prohibited to use CoolCat Casino for commercial purposes. All games will be played for leisure uses only, not for profession. Again, it is the responsibility of the Player to establish the gambling laws dictating the location where they will access CoolCat Casino before placing wagers.

4.3) At no point will the Player inflict blame or harm to the Casino, its staff, employees, partners, affiliates, suppliers, or any other affinity with the business. The Casino will not be responsible for any costs, damages, liabilities or expenses that could transpire as a result of the following:

  1. Player access and use of the website,
  2. any website materials or content a Player has used,
  3. reuse or entry to the company servers,
  4. decisions made playing a game, or,
  5. the decision to accept any winnings or prizes.

4.4) The Player should aim to closely examine the Conditions and Terms posted on this website once a month minimum.

4.5) If the Player doesn't ensure they understand the Conditions and Terms, regulations and rules that need to be agreed and adhered to at the Casino, including access to the site, the Player account, the games, bonuses and prizes; for the Player’s own benefit, they should not participate in any activity at the Casino, nor accept any winnings before this information has been reviewed first.

4.6) It is the responsibility of the Player to keep their login information for the online Casino private and secure. Access to the Casino software via the username is also the sole responsibility of the Player including its uses. 

4.7) Granting access to any kind of third party to use the Player account is not permitted. This includes placing bets through the Player account and any impartial use of the Casino software through the Player account. Any winnings accumulated from using the software (including any fees and taxes) are the full responsibility of the Player. 

4.8) In jurisdictions where winnings may be subject to tax, it is the duty of the Player to keep a record of their winnings and report this to the relevant tax authority. CoolCat Casino will never be obliged to report any winnings on the Player’s behalf, and all client identities and personal details are treated with complete confidentiality.

4.9) Under law, CoolCat Casino is rightfully able to terminate the Player’s membership or account at any given time. The Casino is not required to give any notice in advance of cancellation. If such events occur, any balances in the Player account shall be sent back to the payment card or credited to the Player by check. At the Casino’s discretion, CoolCat is fully entitled to restrict the Player account and void winnings of any amount should any such of the below circumstances arise:

If an account name listed on CoolCat Casino is not the same as the name specified on the debit/credit card used to place funds into the Player account. 

If the CoolCat Casino account is opened using fake details or information that could be misleading. 

If the Player doesn't meet the legal age requirement for the jurisdiction they live in. 

If the Player is not permitted to participate in specific games under the laws of their residential jurisdiction. 

If the Player has granted permission or allowed (whether on purpose or by accident) another person to play games using their CoolCat Casino account.

If the Player has had any purchases credited back or reversed on their CoolCat Casino account.

The maximum number of accounts per home, desktop or place of work is ONE ONLY. Winnings are only ever credited back to the ONE Player account. Any bonuses or winnings from multiple accounts will be immediately voided.

If CoolCat Casino becomes aware of any Players attempting to cheat using a third party system to manipulate the random algorithms in the games; through a means of any additional software, desktop or strategy machine which could affect the fairness in the games.

If the name of the beneficiary owner on the payment method used to make deposits and withdrawals doesn’t match up to the name specified on the CoolCat Casino account. 

If the personal details, banking information, or general gaming behaviour closely resembles the profile of any blacklisted Players, fraudsters or the security team considers it high risk. 

Casino accounts which are inactive for more than 180 days will result in any remaining balances in the account being sent back to the casino by default.

4.10) Without indemnity, and except where prohibited by law, Players give consent for their name and photo to be used for marketing and advertising purposes if they accept any winnings or prizes from CoolCat Casino. 

  1. Arbitration

5.1) For any dispute or contention involving CoolCat Casino or any other party, the Casino will settle the final arbitrament. The Casino retains the right to utilize any arbitrator its chooses to advocate the arbitration as a substitute for CoolCat Casino should any disputes arise.

5.2) Players wishing to file a dispute should submit the information to CoolCat Casino within 1 hour of the event via email. Customer will expect a response no later than 2 working days. All decisions in the event of a dispute will be settled and made final by the Casino. 

5.3) If at any point a Casino game experiences a disconnection or interruption, all results from the previous game at the point of interruption should be displayed when the Player begins a new game. If the server and Player is disconnected during a game, the game will continue from this point and the Player will be able to pick up from where they left off.  If the Player’s bet did not get recognized by the Casino’s server at the point of interruption, the Player outcome of the previous bet will be displayed and the balance won’t be affected.

5.4) CoolCat aims to ensure customers are fully protected whenever they access the Casino. However, should any unforeseen circumstances take place, such as a disconnection from the server which is outside the Casino’s control, the company will not be held legally responsible for any losses or outcomes as a result. Whatever balance is recorded on the Casino server at the time of the event will be displayed in the Player’s account.

  1. Payments

6.1.1) Withdrawals will not be processed before the gameplay is reviewed for any abnormal patterns or suspicious behaviour. In support of responsible and fair gaming, any equal, null or low-margin bets, including hedge betting, shall all be deemed as irregular activity for play-through bonus requirement reasons. 

Examples of other forms of irregular gameplay include, but aren’t limited to: placing single wagers which equate to, or are in surplus of 30% or more of the bonus value credited to the Player account. This applies until the betting requirements attached to that bonus have been properly met. 

If the Casino determines irregular gaming activity on the account, CoolCat Casino retains the right to limit the account, withhold any withdrawals and/or seize all winnings.

6.1.2) CoolCat Casino will take the appropriate steps and measures to release a Player’s account funds using their desired payment method. Where the Casino must comply with necessary local laws and regulations to ensure the security of both parties; the Casino retains all rights to credit winnings to a Player using its own discretion, and through what it deems as the most appropriate banking method.

6.2) Before any amount can be withdrawn at CoolCat Casino, Players must have completed and printed out the proper Authorization Form. This should then be scanned or faxed and forwarded to the CoolCat Casino by email. Only then will the Player be able to withdraw any funds or monies from their account. 

6.3) All transactions are audited at the Casino, and the Player must provide proof of their address, identity, bank statements, credit ratings, and any other relevant documentation before being able to cash in or make withdrawals. The information on the Casino account must match the name on any documentation submitted.  

6.3.1) CoolCat will presume you want to place wagers at the Casino if any deposits are made into your account. Failing to do this could result in purchase processing charges being deducted. If such circumstances arise, CoolCat Casino reserves all rights to remove processing fees at any given time, without notifying the Player.

6.3.2) Placing a deposit into your account without wagering and attempting to cash-in is intolerable. CoolCat Casino may make the decision not to allow processing of the cash-in. The Casino always has the final say. 

6.4) At any time, CoolCat Casino retains the right to request an Authorization Form with the possibility of terminating any Player account that doesn’t meet the timeframe for completing the form, or if the form does not satisfy the account criteria. An extended time period for completion may be offered if such events arise, in the meantime, however, CoolCat Casino may establish unilateral means of resolution to the funds in the account. 

6.5) All Players at CoolCat Casino must provide a copy of their proof of address, identity, valid copies of credit cards or other documentation relevant to withdrawing funds. The proof of the Player’s identity must match the name and surname registered to the account. Failing to provide this information within 4 weeks of the initial request could result in locking the individual’s account, withholding their winnings, or voiding the winnings altogether. The account will also be locked and cash-ins/winnings voided if false documentation is provided.

6.6) All payments and winnings are processed within a mandatory period of 24 hours. The Player has full right to cancel his/her winnings during the period. Cash-ins must also be audited before they can be processed back to the account. Depending on Player class, all withdrawals are paid in increments of up to R10,000 and take between 5-10 working days to process. Players are notified through email when winnings have been sent. Changes to payment instructions and withdrawals are all subject to the authority of the CoolCat Security team. The Casino reserves all rights to credit larger sums of winnings to a Player’s account over multiple weeks.

6.7) Betting on restricted games when a bonus has been redeemed is strictly forbidden, and all winnings will be voided upon doing so. CoolCat Casino reserves all rights to limit an account by withholding any excess of an individual’s original deposit amount from a Player’s withdrawal if they are caught trying to use a bonus on restricted games. All bonuses are restricted to and can only be used on certain games. It is the Player’s responsibility to review the conditions for restricted games on each bonus before they attempt to redeem it. 

6.8) At any time, CoolCat Casino reserves all rights to revoke or refuse any game bonuses for any reason which includes, but is not restricted to, abuse from a Player. In instances of abuse, CoolCat Casino also reserves the right to cancel a Player’s membership and prevent the Player from accessing their CoolCat Casino account in the future.

6.8.1. Bonuses will only be credited on account deposits. Withdrawals which are reversed will not be eligible for a bonus and do not fall into the deposit category.

6.8.2. If the Player has insufficient funds in their account, any real money deposits they have made will not be reversed. The Casino retains the right to withhold or cancel bonuses, credits, winnings and withdrawals irrespective of the banking methods used, and for any other reason including chargeback. 

6.8.3. As per the Casino's terms of use, bonuses will only be provided to one household and/or one account. All game bonuses and winnings may be cancelled if the Casino determines that a second account has been opened. If such events occur, the account could be closed immediately. 

6.9) The Player should be fully aware of the fact that the payment card used to make purchases or deposits on the account shall be billed immediately after they have made the deposit/purchase. All bonus amounts are for the purposes of wagering only. For any amount less than the bonus amount, the Casino will not honour the withdrawal. When requesting to withdraw (regardless of how many deposits made), any amount up to the value that’s equal to the bonus value will be deducted from the Player account balance, or, taken off the winnings before settlement. I.e. instead of deducting from the play bonus, the credits will be deducted from the funds first wagered from the Player’s deposit(s).

6.10) The Player agrees that the Casino (or a company which processes payments on the Casino’s behalf) will handle all financial transactions on the account via a “Payment Processor.” The Player hereby agrees that the Payment Processor reserves the right to cancel or withhold any payments should the Payment Processor come to suspect that the Player or account owner is engaging in any unlawful, fraudulent or deceptive activity. 

6.11) The Player agrees to make payments in full to CoolCat Casino or to any connected third party it employs for the paid services that the online Casino provides. In addition, the Player agrees not to enforce any charge-backs and/or revoke, reverse or lapse any payments due to the Casino. In any such event, the Player agrees to refund and recompense for any overdue or unpaid payments, including any expenses incurred by the casino as a result of collecting the payment.

6.12) The Casino pledges to respond to all queries within 3 business days from the point of receipt,

6.13) Players can only access the Casino and its services if they are the legal age prohibited under the law of the country they reside in.

6.14) Please note: Under no circumstances can a Player use or play at CoolCat Casino if they are under the age of 18.

6.15) Please note: Various jurisdictions have not outlined the legality of internet-based gambling, while other jurisdictions have outlawed online gambling completely. The Casino does not condone the illegal use of its website or services, or using the Casino in an area where online gambling is prohibited. All use of CoolCat Casino is void in countries where the law prohibits virtual gambling. If the website/Casino is somehow available in countries where use is not permitted, this should not be interpreted as an invitation from CoolCat Casino. 

Use of CoolCat Casino is void wherever the applicable law doesn’t allow it. The Player accepts sole responsibility for determining whether the country they live in permits the use of the CoolCat Casino website. 

6.16) Under any circumstances where the Casino is unable to verify the Player’s identity and documents in full, CoolCat Casino may ask the Player to submit additional documents in order to complete the verification process.

6.16) The Casino recommends all Cardholders to keep copies of all transaction and banking reports, policies and rules for using and being a Player at CoolCat Casino.

  1. Security

7.1) Any attempts to access, break in, or otherwise breach the Casino security or its software will result in an immediate block or termination of the account. If it is suspected that a Player has attempted to by-pass or hack the security systems at any point, CoolCat reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities. 

7.2) All Players acknowledge that the outcomes of any game is determined by random number generators and all Players accept all results which occur in these games. The Player also agrees that in the rare case of a dispute between the outcome that displays on the Software and the result displayed on the game server, the Casino will go by the game server’s information. Players acknowledge and agree that the Casino’s authority is final in establishing the terms and requirements attached to their participation in any gaming activity at CoolCat Casino. 

7.3) Players at the Casino agree not to commit acts of any form which could harm or put the company’s reputation at risk, including the software provider and any other related affiliate. 

  1. Indemnity

The Player(s) also agree to fully endorse and hold all of the Casino’s directors, officials, staff, affiliates, contractors, agents and suppliers unaccountable against all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, expenses and other costs such as legal fees. This applies to any breach of the contract by the Player, as well as any other repercussions arising from using the software of the online Casino platform.

  1. Wagering

9.1) Unless otherwise stated, no cash-ins are permitted before the wagering requirement of 40X the deposit is met. As an example: depositing 30 and getting a bonus of 30 will put the wagering requirement as (30+30) x 40 = 2400. 

9.2) The balance displayed in a Player’s account is made up of a playable balance and a withdrawable balance. The balance in the playable account can be used to place wagers only, and cannot be cashed in. The withdrawal balance on a Players account is able to be cashed in as soon as the bonus account is at zero. 

9.3) Funds are automatically take from the playable account and transferred to the Player’s cash account as the playthrough requirements are met. If there is a bonus to use, any wagers placed are always deducted from the Player’s playable account. The wager is only deducted from the withdrawable account if there is no bonus available.. 

9.4) Bonus funds are always included in all withdrawable amounts displayed in a Player’s account. As soon as the Casino receives a withdrawal request, all bonus amounts will be deducted from the withdrawable balance, prior to processing the withdrawal. 

9.5) Listed below are the betting contributions for each game group. Please be aware that the contributions for each game may be different for the wagering requirements of each bonus.  

  1. Online Slots, Specialty Games Incl. Bingo, Scratch Cards, Keno and Table Games all meet 100% of the wagering requirements.
  2. War, Vegas Three Card Rummy, Roulette, BlackJack, Tri-Card Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, Baccarat and Red Dog meet a quarter (25%) of the wagering requirements.
  3. Video Poker and European Slot Poker count towards 10% of the wagering requirements.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, bonuses are excluded to be used on the following games: Progressive Slots with Jackpots,  Let Em Ride, Craps, Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow Poker, MultiPlayer Roulette and Sic Bo.

9.6) Please be aware: To register to the online Casino’s slot tournaments or to receive a free bonus, only Players who reside in the following countries will be eligible: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia

  1. Terms for Bonuses

All bonuses offered at CoolCat Casino are subject to the following Conditions and Terms: 

10.1) General bonus conditions

10.1.1) Unless stated otherwise, a minimum deposit amount of R50 is needed to qualify for any promotion.

10.1.2) Any coupon code is considered a play bonus and cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for cash.

10.1.3) A Player is only able to redeem 1 individual coupon at a time.

10.1.4) The bonus will automatically be added to the Player’s account once a deposit has been made and the coupon has been redeemed. Once a withdrawal request has been submitted, the bonus will be removed from the Player’s account.

10.1.5) The Casino asks all Players to make sure they have read and understood the Conditions and Terms for using a bonus before they redeem it. This will help avoid any misunderstandings, such as attempting to redeem second deposit coupons when only a first deposit has been made. Please also note, that unless otherwise stated, the play bonus cannot be combined with any other bonus or coupon. 

10.1.6) All bonuses are subject to a 30-day expiration once in the Player’s account. If the conditions of the bonus have not been met within the 30-day period, the bonus amount including any winnings associated with the bonus will be removed from the Player’s account.

10.1.7) A Player should not redeem any coupons if they want to play without restrictions and don’t wish to receive any bonuses.  

10.1.8) In accordance with the Conditions and Terms associated with using any of the promotional coupons stated above, Players who make use of a coupon when placing a deposit into their account are hereby accepting these conditions. Utilizing a coupon is not a requirement for making a deposit. 

10.1.9) Any free money bonuses that do not require a deposit amount have a maximum cash-out limit of R1,000, or 10 x the bonus amount. This applies to loyalty bonuses, VIP bonuses, comp points, birthday bonuses, compensation bonuses, non-deposit coupons, etc. Both minimum cash-in requirements and minimum first bonus wagering requirements apply. 

10.1.10) For the purposes of security, any winnings acquired from a free bonus or free tournament can only be cashed in after the Player has placed a minimum deposit of R50 into their account. 

10.1.11) Please Note: Progressive games are excluded from the use of bonuses. Progressive games are: Aztec’s Millions, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold, Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Let Em Ride, Jackpot Pinatas Progressive, Spirit of the Inca, Shopping Spree II.

10.2) Caesar’s Empire: 50 Free Spins

10.2.1) In order to claim the coupon, Players must create a new, real CoolCat Casino account and get in touch with our customer support team via the live chat system. Only Players from the following countries will be eligible to use the coupon: South Africa and Namibia.

10.2.2) The free money promotion amount includes a maximum of 50 free spins on the Caesars Empire game. During the promotion, the amount cannot be altered or transferred. 

10.2.3) Players will need to make a minimum qualifying deposit in order to be eligible for claiming their winnings from the Casino. Any winnings from the free spins will be added to the Player’s account together with the deposit amount, once a successful deposit has been made. Before a withdrawal request can be submitted, the Player will be required to wager the deposit amount, plus the free spins winnings amount a minimum of 40 times.

10.2.4) The bonus can only be claimed and redeemed once per Player, individual or household. If the Casino determines any Players to have opened multiple accounts in order to claim this bonus, any funds will be seized and the account will remain frozen.

10.3) R100 Free No-Deposit Bonus

  1. All Players are required to open a new, real money CoolCat Casino account and claim the coupon (using the redeemable coupon code) at the cashier, and ensure they have been referred by one of our official marketing partners that have the Casino’s authorization and pre-approval to offer this exclusive bonus.
  2. There is a maximum of R100 free money to use on the promotion with no deposit required. This amount cannot be changed or reassigned during this offer or any promotion. The maximum withdrawal amount attached to this coupon is R200. Once the wagering requirements of this coupon have been completed, any additional funds will be removed automatically. 
  3. Before Players are able to make a withdrawal, a minimum of 60X the wagering requirement must be made to use this free bonus. 
  4. In addition to the standard wagering requirements applied to these games, please not the following games are excluded from wagering: All games with progressives jackpots, all Roulette MultiPlayer games, Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Let Em Ride and Sic Bo.
  5. The bonus can only be claimed and redeemed once per Player, individual or household. If the Casino determines any Players to have opened multiple accounts in order to claim this bonus, any funds will be seized and the account will remain frozen.
  6. Cash Back Promotions

10.4) The Player is entitled to only one free chip in between deposits; any winnings resulting from multiple free chips will be void. For example, should a Player redeem two free chips in a row, he/she will not be able to withdraw any winnings generated by playing on said chip.

11.1) Players can receive up to R5,000 cash back when they play at the Casino during the week; the CoolCat weekly cash back awards up to 15% of a Player’s incurred losses. 

11.2) Every Monday the Casino will calculate the losses incurred from the previous week, and then credit the Players account with the cashback amounts automatically. CoolCat Casino calculates the cashback amounts from Monday at 12:00PM through to Sunday at 11.59PM. Please note that depending on the Player’s VIP level, earnings from cash back are subject to a maximum wagering requirement of 10X the cashback amount before the Player can make a withdrawal. Players should also be aware that the cashback amount itself cannot be withdrawn and is is a non-cashable bonus.

11.3) A Player must have deposited a minimum of R1,000 in the previous week in order to qualify to receive CoolCat Casino’s weekly cashback promotion. The percentage of cashback varies according to the Player's class level.

11.4) The Casino credits cashback at approximately 2PM every Monday. Players who qualify for cashback will be notified by SMS or email. Please be aware that should any Players have any pending withdrawals to the value of more than R200, they will not be eligible to receive their cashback earnings.

In favor of fair gaming, loyal players are awarded cashback earnings. However, any Players found to be abusing the cashback offers will be exempt from receiving any earnings in the future. Abuse can be constituted by withdrawing their cashback earnings immediately, and not wagering the earnings at least once as stated in the conditions.

11.5) Players that wager 30% or more on ANY card or table games (including all Blackjack and Roulette games), will not be eligible for cashback earnings.  

11.6) The Casino calculates cashback based on the following factors: Net losses incurred during the promotional period, lesser-value promotions including free money promotions, offers for free spins, deposit promotions, loyalty and VIP points, plus any winnings acquired from tournaments. As an example: a Player deposits R10 000 from 00.01h on Monday to 23.59h on Sunday, the losses are R7500 and the Player received a R500 bonus and converted R100 of this into loyalty points, the cashback amount would in this instance be: 7500-500-100 = 6900*10% = R690 – The cashback is credited at approximately 2PM every Monday. Any credits which are unused from this promotion will be wiped from the accounts the following month, on the 20th day.

  1. Refer-a-Friend Scheme

12.1) CoolCat Casino’s refer-a-friend scheme is available for all Players from South Africa only. Players need to have been active on their accounts within the last 30 days, and cannot have displayed any intolerable behaviour at the Casino in the past.  

12.2) The Player making the referral will be eligible to receive 100% of the new Player’s first deposit amount up to no more than R5,000. The amount will be credited to the referrer’s account balance as a non-transferable and non-cashable bonus with a wagering requirement of 50X before they can withdraw any earnings. A no max cash-out amount is also in place for this scheme.

12.3) The referrer must submit a valid photo/copy of either their passport, ID card, or driver's license as well as a valid contact number in order to receive the refer a friend bonus. The 2 parties within the refer-a-friend scheme cannot be related or physically live at the same address.


13.1) Unless specifically indicated in the Tournament Conditions, freeroll slot tournaments are available to depositing players as well as non-depositing players. In order to withdraw winnings from these tournaments, players must have made a minimum of one deposit and deposited within the last 3 months. The Casino reserves the right to void any freeroll winnings from non-depositing players.

13.2) Any player that registers multiple casino accounts (including but not limited to accounts registered with varying details) to make numerous entries into slot tournaments will forfeit any winnings.

13.3) CoolCat
 Casino reserves the right to limit the eligibility of customers to participate in any tournaments, for any reason whatsoever without notice to the player. Players excluded from redeeming bonuses cannot enter any slot tournaments.

13.4) The tournament buy-in will be deducted from your real money account balance. Bonuses cannot be used for buy-ins to slot tournaments. Tournament winnings generated from an entry, a re-buy or an add-on paid for with a No Deposit Bonus will be voided. 

13.5) The Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions apply to the slot tournament buy-ins. If a bonus or promotion was used prior to winning a Tournament, the terms and conditions of the original bonus still apply.

13.6) If you are disconnected from the system during tournament play, the slot will not spin on your behalf. If you reconnect within the tournament time, you can continue playing in the tournament. If you cannot reconnect, your points total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.

13.7) In case a slot tournament is canceled, the buy-in will be refunded to the player’s account.

13.8) For selected tournaments add-ons and re-buys are available. An add-on will give players additional time and credit to participate in the tournament and can only be purchased during tournament play. Re-buys allow players to enter the tournament again with a starting point balance of 0. Prices, values and rake are variable and determined by the Casino. The maximum number of times a player can perform an add-on or re-buy is indicated in the Tournament Entry Requirements.

13.9) Points accrued during slot tournament gameplay contribute to the points table of the slot tournament only, and do not represent real money wins outside of the tournament, even if a jackpot or special feature is won.


14.1) Free Roll Tournaments:

  1. Free Roll Tournaments are Tournaments which do not require that players pay a registration fee.
  2. Prizes won in a Free Roll Tournament are added to cash balances and may be withdrawn from the casino.
  3. Any winnings from Free Roll Slot Tournaments may be used to play in real money casino games. These winnings are subject to a 1x playthrough and 1x max cashout requirement.

14.2) Tournament Credits:

  1. At the start of every Tournament, Tournament Credits are allocated for the duration of the Tournament.
  2. The player with the highest number of credits at the end of the Tournament time is the winner.
  3. Tournament Credits are not transferable to your casino balance and are not valid outside of the Tournament games.
  4. Tournament credits differ from your Casino Balance and may not be withdrawn from the casino.
  5. Wagers placed on Slot Tournament games using Tournament Credits will not count towards any wager requirements.


14.3) Password Restricted Tournaments:

Some Tournaments will require a password in order to be unlocked ('Restricted Tournaments'). These passwords can be provided to players exclusively by the casino. Passwords and subsequent Tournament Entries gained by using a password from sources other than the casino will not constitute a valid entry to the Restricted Tournament and will disqualify any winnings accrued during the course of this Tournament. Players who use passwords not sent by the casino may have their casino accounts suspended and winnings revoked.

14.4) Password Restricted Tournaments with a Coupon Code Entry Requirement:

Players may be asked to use a specific coupon code in order to access the Restricted Tournament password and gain entry in to a Restricted Tournament. If a player has not used the coupon code specified and has obtained a password by any other means, this will not constitute a valid entry in to the Restricted Tournament. Players will not be eligible to enter the Tournament nor will they be entitled to any Tournament winnings in the Restricted Tournament if they have not used the required coupon code and obtained the Tournament password as provided by the casino. Any winnings accrued from an invalid entry will be removed from the player's account and the player may have their casino account suspended and winnings revoked.



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